About Us

London Porter- Caroline and Tara


Our Story

Shifting gears from careers to motherhood, once our girls reached their preschool years, we both found ourselves project driven and were drawn to help our little preschool achieve its goal to grow. We spent much time together with our collaborative efforts on both the fundraising and steering committees at our Reggio-inspired school. One beautiful day in a quick playground conversation, a grand idea was born and put into action the following week. We were thirsty to be creative and get our hands dirty. Supported by our community, friends, and family, London Porter Designs was born- over and over again, until we nailed where we wanted to be, which is here, providing something outside of the box for inside your box.

Our Mission

Staying true to the foundation of our company, our roots are embedded in handmade, unique items that are given with intention and meaning. We love supporting women makers and designers and strive to offer special gifts that touch the lives of the recipients, offering small things with great love, making lasting impressions. While you, our customers, are sharing our gifts with your loved ones, we too strive to touch other mothers and children's lives by supporting Venice Community Housing. Venice Community Housing Corporation develops lasting, neighborhood-based solutions for low-income families and individuals that help make our community stronger, safer and more inclusive for everyone, including affordable housing, transitional housing, shelter care, after school programs for students ages 6-12, youth support which enables successful transitions into adulthood, and juvenile justice support. We proudly donate a percentage of your purchase to this incredible organization.